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Link Lawyers started at Western Sydney and through our belief that professional and effective work culture draw client, soon Link Lawyers expanded into Hurstville and ultimately consolidated all offices at the Sydney CBD.

Our Corporate Style is reflected in our name LINK – Legality, Integrity, Nexus, Knowledge.

Legal knowledge and Integrity are the fundamentals, and nexus with clients is essential for good services. 


Practice Areas
Our knowledge & experience give us the edge

With its inherent complexity, commercial law and litigation combined is made even more difficult.  With our experience, we can help you understand and navigate though these complex areas and maximise your desired outcome by assisting you with informed decisions.

Wrong place, wrong time!  Unfortunately, this happens to many people facing criminal charges.  We can assist you with understanding what happened and why you are charged and assist you with the successful defence of your matter.

Strong commercial sense with extensive legal experience in the commercial area has marked our differences to many of our peers.

Every commercial transaction has its own nature.  Understanding the details of the deal, background of the parties and the power imparity gives us the edge to gain a better legal position for our clients.

We act in share sales and purchases, business joint ventures, shareholders agreements, just to name a few.

BUSINESS – Ranging from purchasing a local corner store to acquiring a shopping centre, we have helped many clients in conducting their due diligence and achieving their business goals.

FRANCHISE – Some clients want more structured businesses – Gloria Jean, Coffee Club, 7 Eleven, Breadtop, Subway…. we have assisted many franchisees in starting their new chapters.

LEASE – Other clients want to set up their own local shops, shops in Westfield, at train stations …. we help them understand all the fine prints in the agreements.  With landlord clients, we think ahead to protect their returns. 

Real Estate is a major investment for many of us.  It can be your home, your investment properties that bring you passive income, your office or shop – something that plays a significant part in your life.  

We see the importance of any transaction like it is our own, and give our best to assist you in avoiding any possible legal defects in your major investment.

If you are a property developer, our extensive experience not only enable us to deliver an efficient workflow, but also allow us to help you understand what purchasers expect which has proven to be invaluable to our developer clients. 

Family issues may become difficult and when it needs to be dealt with, it becomes complex and costly.  We take time to listen and can offer effective solutions even prior to marriage to avoid future issues. 

It is hard to talk about the inevitble idea of dying.  To ensure your wishes are carried out, a will becomes important.  We can help you set this up so that those you cared for are looked after.  We can also assist the executor of your will to ensure an efficient  administration of your estate. 

Many of us have overlooked our hidden wealth – SUPERFUND.  Smart application of the hidden gem can ensure a better and merrier retirement for you and your partner. 

The complex legal framework and the constantly changing government policies have curbed many people from unlocking the wealth for the more tailored management of the Fund – SMSF. 

We can help you understand the legal responsibilities of the trustee, the scope of various rights and constraints on the set up, ongoing management and legal compliance on the operation of the SMSF, to give you the confidence to handle your money in your own hands for your own better future. 



Terry has been practising in litigation since 1999 both domestic and abroad. He  has acted both for plaintiffs and defendants and has served both corporate and individual clients alike.

Terry is an accredited mediator. 

He also acts in family law matters and is currently undergoing studies which would earn his qualification as Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. 

Also holding a Masters degree in Law, Terry can analytically assist you with your understanding of legal concepts and his experience can pragmatically assist you with your understanding of legal processes.

Clients’ have vouched for Terry’s “No mucking around” attitude.  His pragmatism and openness will assist you in achieving an efficient resolution of any issue you may have. 

 Wechat ID: tkcleung


Phoebe holds degrees in Bachelor of Laws (USyd) and Master of Laws (UNSW), and has over 20 years of experience in the areas of commercial and property laws.  

She acted in corporate mergers and acquisitions, and was involved in initial public listing when practising in Hong Kong.

Phoebe has handled thousands of transactions, and personally acted in multi million dollar business deals and major property acquisitions.  Her clients range from everyday individuals, to corporate purchasers and property developers.  

Phoebe is reputed for her friendly manner, and capability of delivering efficient and effective legal solutions.  She is simply loved by her clients.

Wechat ID: phtchow  


Ian Liu

Licensed Conveyancer

Ian specializes in all kinds of conveyancing matters and small business transactions. He has handled transactions involving properties and businesses in NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT. Ian's sense of responsibility, attention to details and extension knowledge are praised by his clients.

Kathy Yeung

Conveyancing Manager & Justice of Peace

Kathy has over 10 year solid experience in conveyancing transactions and have effectively handled over 100 matters simultaneously. Her knowledge in conveyancing exceeds many property lawyers.

Cheryl Wong

Practice Manager

Cheryl was a manager of the Sales and Development Department of Carrefour China, before joining us. Cheryl's file and client management skills, together with her exceptional analytical senses have perfected our team.



In a criminal matter involving 39 charges of identity fraud, the client expected to get a jail sentence.  With our pragmatic tactics (without the need of a barrister), the client ended up with a order of good behaviour bond and community service.  Not even a monetary fine!

Our clients invested a substantial sum of money into a joint venture, and the project failed to progress as scheduled. We won the first instance for the client.  The other party appealed and still lost.  The matter went further to the High Court, and the Court refused  them the opportunity of a final appeal.  Our clients got all their investment back. 


A corporate client reached a tentative agreement with the seller to purchase a hotel, and before formal contract was signed, seller reneged on a promised inclusive trading stock value up to $500,000.  

With our team’s strong commercial sense and legal experiences, we provided guidance to the client in further negotiation, engaged in extensive discussions with the other side, setting out pros and cons of the new position taken by the seller, and successfully convinced the seller to revert to the original deal.  Client happily preserved the $500,000 benefit!  


Often we achieved exceptional outcomes for clients!

Just to name a few:  

A client bought a property at auction out of impulsion, and regretted the decision shortly.  Our experienced team carefully examined the contract and discovered a fault.  Client walked away free!

A disgruntled client found out the promised 2 carspaces in an off the plan contract became a double car stacker on completion.  We obtained an engineer report and rationalised our argument with the seller.  After a lengthy battle, client finally regained the 2 carspaces.  

An overseas client was convinced into a deal that appeared favourable and was rushed to sign a contract.  We insisted on a meeting with the other side and delivered our detailed analysis to the client on the spot, client immediately realised some hidden agenda and major problems.  Lucky with our professional work, the client escaped a highly likely fate of losing millions. 

Customers reviews


Just wanna thank Terry and his team for helping me through the property purchase. Terry has been of a great help and source of knowledge from the initial signing process up until the final settlement. Very patient in explaining the contract and resolving the queries. He was constantly liaising the Vendor's solicitor for my matters of concern. The team made the settlement very seamless by putting together all the information/documents and working with financial broker as well. I really am impressed with Terry and his team's professionalism, knowledge, attention to details and customer support. Highly Recommend!!
V Bist
Love their work. We have worked with Terry and Phoebe for many years now and over a wide range of matters. Always helpful. They do not pretend to know everything, and would actually say “I am not familiar.. let me look into it and I will get back to you.” We like this professional attitude, and so far, they always resolve our issues.
P Chen

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